Reiki Healing


Reiki is a form of gentle healing energy which the Reiki practitioner has been attuned to in order to access it at will and pass the benefits on to others. Reiki is universal energy, it is out there in the universe, it is limitless and can only work for good. Reiki healing energy has an intelligence in that it goes where it is needed.

Healing has been practiced throughout centuries under many different names and works holisticallly on the mind body and spirit.

This is an extremely safe treatment for everyone as the healing energy will go where it is needed in the body, and will work alongside any medication you may be taking. Reiki is a very balancing treatment so you may feel more relaxed or energised after, according to your needs.

Number of sessions:


During a Reiki treatment the client lies down clothed on the massage couch and relaxes, usually with eyes closed.The reiki practitioner connects with the universal energy that is all around us and channels healing energy into the client through her hands which are held in various positions lightly on or just above the clients body.
The practioner may sense energy blockages which she will remove, or a lack of energy in certain areas, in which case the clients system responds by drawing in more of the healing energy.
Clients may experience heat, tingling, they may fall asleep or just enter a very deep state of relaxation. The treatment may help release pent up emotions, or be a deeply spiritual experience for the client. As we are all individual and unique Reiki affects us all in different ways and no two treatments are the same in terms of the experience. However one common theme is that afterward clients report feeling refreshed, balanced, restored and relaxed, with a burden, or ‘bad energy’ having been lifted off them.
Reiki treats on all levels, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It can thus be equally effective for pain relief as for dealing with stress and trauma, or psycho-spiritual difficulties such as times when one may feel lost or ungrounded.
It is not necessary to believe in healing or anything esoteric for Reiki to work, however I believe it may be possible for an individual who doesn’t want healing to ‘block’ the energy. Therefore a healthy doubtfulness is not a problem, I ask that people come with an open mind. After all, the proof’s in the pudding as they say!
I have recently treated a number of clients who have experienced Reiki for the first time, all of whom were very happliy amazed at the calm, comfort and peace they experienced during and after the sessions. Clients often report that Reiki has helped make a shift in their lives when they have come for treatment during a difficult time in their lives.
Home visits and Hospital visits are possible, please ask.
Mary has been attuned into the Usui system of Reiki, which is the original form of Reiki discovered by Mikao Usui in Japan.
A course of treatments may be recommended. The receiver will know when they feel back to a state of balance and then occasional top up treatments may be required.

Client Feedback


That was exactly what I needed! I feel so relaxed now, like nothing matters.

Mr B Porter


I don’t know what you’ve done, but you’ve done something! I can’t believe half an hour ago I could hardly stand up and now I feel fine.

Mr S Gamble, arrived with severe stomach cramps.