Reiki healing, Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy in Exeter, Devon


Over 14 years of Experience • Call 07816 425314 or book online.

Whether you’re experiencing physical or mental discomfort or tension, or just been busy and need to chill for an hour or two…Give your body and mind a healthy boost with a soothing, relaxing, revitalising or invigorating treatment…Allow tension to dissolve from your body and the mind will fully relax too…

When asked how clients feel at the end of a treatment, most simply say AMAZING!

I offer Reiki, Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy in a Natural Health and Beauty Centre in the heart of Exeter. Please ask if you’d like a combined therapy approach.

Please also enquire about Reiki One courses which enable you to treat yourself.

Complementary Therapy treatments may be taken Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 8pm.
Generally I work in Exeter city centre Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays with Saturday treatments available by booking in advance.

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons I do home and workplace visits.

For ladies and the elderly, treatments may also be taken in the comfort of your own home
A fully qualified professional therapist will consider your medical history and current needs to provide a personalised treatment each session.

I use my training, experience and intuitive touch to identify muscle tension and energy blockages, and work to release the root of tension for longer lasting results.