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Indian Head Massage is a clothed, seated treatment with or without oil, using a combination of techniques which wonderfully ease away shoulder, neck and head tension. Perfect for people who spend hours at a desk or on a computer and those who suffer from headaches. Includes upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp. Face can also be included upon request which is incredibly soothing and can be helpful for sinus, ear and jaw issues in addition to migraines.

Your therapist has trained in both the UK and India. Please advise if you would prefer a more authentic version of the treatment, with oil. If so, warm sesame or mustard oils may be used. For the version with oil, ladies may wear a towel wrapped around their torso to preserve modesty, or hold a pillow in front of them if you would like lower back included in the routine.

Amla oil which encourages hair growth and is a great conditioner may be used in the hair, or Jasmine oil with it's glorious scent and uplifting and relaxing properties. Face massage may also be included in this routine, with highly relaxing acupressure and lymphatic drainage techniques that can help relieve headaches, earache and sinus problems.

Seated Indian Head Massage: £40
Please allow 45 minutes.

The Authentic Oily Indian Head Massage, includes face £45
Please allow one hour