That was exactly what I needed! I feel so relaxed now, like nothing matters.
Mr B Porter

I don't know what you've done, but you've done something! I can't believe half an hour ago I could hardly stand up and now I feel fine.
Mr S Gamble, arrived with severe stomach cramps. 


Craniosacral Therapy
During the treatment I felt deeply relaxed and was aware of pulling and stretching forces inside my body and a lot of heat from Mary's hands at times. Afterwards I felt really calm and quite revitalised. This continued over the next few days and I noticed I was a lot less anxious. The tension is my shoulders has reduced and I feel like the treatments are really helping me.
K Maunders, Exeter  


Aromatherapy Massage
Bloody marvellous!, Very thorough, it felt like everything was relaxed. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Jen Weston, Cardiff

Really relaxing, the most relaxing treatment I've ever had!
Becky Downing, Exeter

Very thorough, everything covered, felt very sleepy after and much looser, not as tense.
Deborah Weston, Exeter

I feel like I've just woken up!, realy nice, I fel more relaxed than I could have thought. The oils you used were lovely as well.
Amelia Simkins, Sidmouth

All of it was reallly good , especiallly the work on my right shoulder, eveything's feeling a lot freer, everything's eased up and feeling looser.
Bernie Snell, Kenton

I liked all of it, very relaxing and gentle, nice smells, I definitely feel more relaxed, and could probably fall asleep now! I found the face the most relaxing part.
Mrs M.H, Exeter


Swedish/Holistic Massage
I arrived feeling hunched up but now my shoulders feel looser and I'm very relaxed. A very professional treatment.
Alison Collinge, Portsmouth

Thoroughly refreshing, very very relaxing, deep relaxation, really beautiful...i feel very very good, de-stressed. It hit the spot, very peaceful, very calming.
Chris Wale, Sidmouth

The massage was a good pressure, I feel very relaxed now, I like the kuckling and percussion techniques. i feel really good now.
Ms Neilands, Exeter


Ayurvedic Massage
This massage felt particularly good, very relaxed after the cramping pains I had have been relieved, the treatment felt so thorough...I enjoyed the head and face massage more than I expected-very relaxing.
Jim, Exeter


Indian Head Massage
Brilliant, Mary really knew where to put pressure to ease the tension, especially round my neck, it was great, feel much more relaxed now.
Marian Wale, Sidmouth

I just feel like it totally de-stressed me, I feel like the tension's just gone, the ultimate de-stresser. It's amazing to have an hour of someone spending time just on me. I've got to do this more often!
Lorraine Sherborne, Crediton


My feet feel amazingly light and relaxed now, all the heat and tension's gone and I feel sleepy but refreshed.
Jayne Smith, Exeter

That was lovely, I dozed off in the middle which is unlike me to relax so much. It was interesting that the areas you found on my feet correspond to my health problems. I'll be back for more!
Lisa Matthews, Exmouth

Very relaxing , and not ticklish as I expected!
Mrs C.P, Exeter

It was really lovely, and I really enjoyed it, I'll book in again!
Miss S.Denford, Newton Abbot